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"Aktywni XXI" Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization, operating since 2010. It was established in order to support the creative development of children, the youth, adults and seniors. We run “Jeleniogórska Akademia III Wieku”  - the oldest University of the Third Age in Jelenia Góra.

We also pride ourselves on successfully completed activities for the disabled and people at risk of social exclusion as a part of local, national and international projects. We obtain very good results thanks to digital education of seniors who, by participating in projects using information technology tools, can fearlessly use modern media in their daily lives. In our activities we do not limit ourselves only to our regular students, but we open up to seniors from Jelenia Góra and surrounding areas, inviting them to take an active part in our project activities. Thanks to their involvement they develop their social, digital, linguistic, civic, organizational and many other competences.

It is very important for us to stay in touch with European societies and to cooperate with international entities, which has resulted in numerous projects under the Grundvig and Erasmus + programs. Participation in international activities lets us broaden the knowledge of both the staff and beneficiaries of the Foundation. This allows us to share our experience with other NGOs and senior citizens' organizations. We organise meetings for people interested in setting up a University of the Third Age in their town as well as in joining international or national projects. The Foundation actively participated in the establishment of the Municipal Council for Seniors in Jelenia Góra and the Municipal Councils for Seniors in the towns of the Jelenia Góra region.

Our slogan is:

We appreciate the differences learning throughout life.

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