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Founded in 1939, LUMSA is the second oldest university in Rome. It is a public non-state university, committed to the education of young people and professionals. It offers academic excellence tailored to the needs of the individual student, preparing students for success in their careers, but also to inspire and support them become who they are. It is a highly ranked Italian University offering B.A. and M.A degree programs in law, business administration, economics, education and communication, psychology. LUMSA awards PhD degrees in social policy, law, psychology, education and economics. All training programs, including PhD, are open to international students.

LUMSA is a member of the Agency for the Promotion of European Research of the EURAXESS network - Researchers in Motion - and Eduroam (Education Roaming). It has a mobility of students and teachers, supported and facilitated by a network of bilateral agreements with 300 European universities in 29 countries.

LUMSA has been awarded J. Monnet chair on EU Approach to Better Regulation and Big Data. It has also been awarded by the European Commission with two Excellence Labels: ECTS and DS (Diploma Supplement) Label.

LUMSA promotes and supports basic and interdisciplinary research through the University Centre for Research and Internationalization, which supports research, seminars and conferences in conjunction with Italian and international colleagues from the most prestigious universities in the world. The Ethics Committee for Scientific Research evaluates and advises on research proposals submitted by scholars working at the university. 

LUMSA is associate research center for the international large-scale assessment study on Civic and Citizenship Education promoted by IEA (International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement) – ICCS 2022.

LUMSA prepares students to improve the world by promoting networking to increase the community, state and the broader world engagement. It values the importance of all academic disciplines and highlights the strength of connections among them: teaching and learning, research and engagement are intertwined and committed to the ideal of universal human citizenship.

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