Adult Inclusive Design

C1 Training Activity

This joint staff training is a capacity building event for staff / trainers, who should train and support volunteers at national level. The outcome of the joint staff-training should be a common foundation of the content of volunteering. All participants and partners could build on this for developing the methods on volunteering. Participants wanted to have a better understanding of the different reality the partners are working with.


Due to the 2020 travel restrictions as a result of COVID-19, the partnership decided to hold a 4-hour long training on materials of the AID project. Later, in September 2021, we had the opportunity to conduct a face-to-face training in Nicosia. It was an opportunity to experience and learn about Synthesis’ mentoring and volunteering practice.


During the training activity, we discussed different digital tools to be included in the intellectual product 2. The websites of the two digital tools (MIT App Inventor and Spent) were presented, and their functions were explained through video tutorials or facilitator guidelines.


In addition, a role-playing session was developed. Interactive exercises on “What it means to be a mentor”, also on “Motivation and guidance tools”, as well as strategies to improve participation and awareness of adult learning.



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