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Dissemination and Multiplier events

Dissemination and Multiplier events

Multiplier Events

Multiplier events will be organized in all of the partners countries that host national and international events.

The partnership will involve NGOs that have shown interest in the topic on inclusion and that will allow key members of their organizations to be trained on the argument. These institutions will be shareholders of the project and they will participate in the dissemination and sustainability of the Project. The volunteers will disseminate in their own organisations. They are also intended to monitor the impact of the activities promoted in their organization in terms of:

– Quality and authenticity in the relationships.

– Increasing ICT skills

– Increasing trustful and foster creativity and innovation.

– Increasing the understanding and acceptance of diversity.

– Increasing well-being, motivation and healthy productivity in the organization.


Multiplier Event in Spain


In Cuenca on 23 May, the multiplier event of the AID project took place, inviting libraries, reading associations and organisations that work with physically and mentally handicapped people, as well as with minors under guardianship, with the aim of disseminating the work developed in the project among different groups.

Multiplier Event in Poland


In Jelenia Góra,  on 2 June, the multiplier event took place with the following programme:

 – Presentations of the speakers

 – Volunteering – a good deed or a necessity?

 – Voluntary work as a source of better quality of life for seniors (methodical handbook) 

 – AMADA game

 – Conclusions and questions and answers



Multiplier Event in Italy


In Jelenia Góra,  on 2 June, the multiplier event took place with the following programme:

– Presentation AID project

– Play for inclusion

– Presentazione intelectual outputs: AID curriculum

– Reflection & conclusions

– Aperitivo

Multiplier Event in Cyprus


In Nicosia, on  July we had the pleasure to share the results of the project (AID

Handbook, AID web-app and AID Film) with local stakeholders, seniors, migrants and

asylum seekers to spead the word about the outcomes of the project and facilitate both

the integration of third country nationals, as well as the active engagement of the seniors.


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