Adult Inclusive Design



The project will have a substantial positive impact on the participating organizations and on their staff and/or learners, and this impact of the project on the participants and organizations involved is likely to occur during and remain after the lifetime of the project.


Participation in the project will cause the learners to open up to other cultures, increase their knowledge about other communities, improving integration and contributing to overcome stereotypes. They will build and solidity social inclusion of different target groups by exchanges of innovative experiences using new technologies. All this will make them strengthen their social sensitivity and sense of “European community”.


Therefore, one vehicle to get older people to be volunteers is the new technology, it will make easier the participation in the activities of all the community for an inclusive society that will increase the number of people connected and integrated in the society. The most important impact of the project will be on older adults enabling them to live and act as active citizens. AID will be promoting adult and older adult learning, older people’s volunteering and caring for social welfare. We need to take advantage of their experience and wisdom to give them an integrating role through innovative ideas. We believe that we need role-model = volunteers that can bring this attitude and culture of being inclusive into organizations and communities.


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