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Having at least two people from each partner organization is important to guarantee good knowledge management within each organization. It has been agreed that the coordinators will attend all meetings as they vertebrate the programme and can assure continuity in the implementation of objectives and realization of activities. This is thought to be suitable for organizational arrangements and to save time when dealing with specific agenda plans for the project. The COVID-19 outbreak negatively affects ongoing or planned activities under the Erasmus+ programme and it will enhance online meetings, distance and blended activities, as well as safeguarding the inclusive nature of digital learning opportunities.

Due to the current pandemic, the Kick-off meeting will be delayed until December, and every month meetings were hold by telematic means from the beginning of the project, then in these meetings will be clarified a common understanding of the project and the responsibilities and task of each partner organization.

Moreover, each partner will take care to organize one of the meetings in their countries. There are 3 project meetings planned.

M1 – Kick-off-meeting


We announce that over the next 24 months, UCLM will be the lead partner of a new Strategic Partnership within the programme Erasmus+ KA204. On 23 December 2020,


UCLM hosted online the first transnational project meeting within the ”AID” project. All the 4 partner organizations, UCLM (Spain), SYNTHESIS (Cyprus), LUMSA (Italy) and AKTYWNI XXI (Poland), were represented by 2 or more delegates (coordinators, educators, teachers,…). The delegates discussed about activities and objectives and how the COVID-19 pandemic could affect the regular implementation of the initiatives.


Main AID objetives are:


· To contribute to the development of competences of the educators and staff members working with adults, specifically with the over-50s

· To create new opportunities for volunteering mentoring for the over-50s and to establish a Network of European Institutions cooperating in the education of seniors.

· Moreover, AID aims at creating a space to promote European volunteering opportunities for senior citizens.


M2 – Italy July 2021 -Rome

LUMSA hosted the transnational meeting, which addressed the following issues:


 · IO2 updates and  AID Multimedia Tool (IO3), shared a common structure of the videos to be developed by all partners.


· Dissemination objetives:


· Raise awareness of local, national and international community about the AID project.

· Ensure efficient communication and understanding of the project.

· Establish formal and non-formal networks in order to promote and disseminate ideas and good practices.



M3 – Spain May 2202


UCLM hosted the third transnational meeting which addressed the following issues:


· Review of monitoring plan

· Project results evaluation and preparation of final dissemination.

· Project finances

· Project evaluation & Feedback

· Jelenia Gorá, last project meeting approval



M4 – Poland August 2202

The last transnational meeting took place in Jelenia Gora, where the project was evaluated and the following points were discussed in an atmosphere of fellowship and friendship:


· Intelectual outpus updates

· Project results evaluation and final dissemination

· Project evaluation and feedback

· Project evaluation impact in every institution



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